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Yes! We proudly slip into our new tailor-made digital outfit. Zwermers has a new logo, a fresh visual identity, and a new website. Hello 2024!

❤️‍🔥 New Website(s) ❤️‍🔥

You can now find us through and In four tabs, the visitor discovers everything about us: what we create, who we are, where we perform, and, of course, the outfits we've collected. Navigate endlessly through our international outfit archive on the Pan~// Catwalk page, where we transform – along with participants from previous projects – from couch potatoes to party animals, from work attire to protest outfits. Feel free to listen to the music piece composed by Wouter while you're scrolling. Take a look and let us know what you think!

❤️‍🔥 New Logo ❤️‍🔥

Have you spotted our new Zwermen logo? This ingenious design is a constant metamorphosis, much like our clothing changes, much like a swarm. The logo is being generated online and is never the same. It can even react to sound. Thus, the logo, like us, is always in motion.

Can we have a round of applause for De Vormforensen? 👏 These designers meticulously folded everything amazingly together. Many thanks for that!

"The reality is something in which everything is 'folded.' The fold is a marking of a transition between one and another, and therefore a dynamic place."

Gilles  Deleuze, 1988 

Le pli, De vouw

ZwermersPan~// Catwalk

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It's that time again, the multi-year applications are approaching. That means: the entire team coming joining to envision dreams for the future, devise long-term visions, create budgets, and write plans. So, if you're looking for us, we'll be here.

JOIN US #1: Pop-up Catwalk on International Women's Day!

On March 8, we celebrate International Women's Day with a pop-up performance, this time themed 'Witches'. 🧙‍♀️ From a short slit skirt to an elegant suit, regardless of your style or identity, you deserve to be treated with equality and respect. In collaboration with Fenix Emancipation Center, we present a catwalk that celebrates equality.

🔮 How does it work? Sign up, receive instructions from us, and come to De Nieuwe Vorst at 7 pm. We'll rehearse briefly and then collectively change outfits for equality, accompanied by the beautiful live music of Wouter. We're already curious about everyone's interpretation of this years fantastic theme.

🔮 Sign up via Just want to watch? You can do that too, the evening starts at 8:00 pm in de grote zaal.

[Photo from last year]

JOIN US #2: Pan~// Catwalk Mixed & Abled

- the first collaboration between Zwermers and Speels Collectief.

Discover that clothing is more than just fabric and threads. During six rehearsals at Landpark Assisië, we unravel together the stories woven into the fibers of your outfits, from your zip-off pants to your glitter dress. In this creative and inclusive process, we are building a brand-new Catwalk performance that explores the diversity of being human and questions and expands the meaning of 'normal'. We draw inspiration from your own wardrobe.

🌟 What can you expect:

An artistic process led by Zwermers and Speels Collectief.

Collaboration in a diverse group, both with and without limitations.

Rehearsals on seven Tuesday evenings starting from March 19. (max. 2 hours).

Performances on May 4 (Zwermen over Assisië) and May 25 + 26, 2024 (Theaterroute NABIJ).

🌟 Interested? Sign up via

Do you have the interest, but struggling with one of the following "yes, but" moments: "Yes, but I have a boring wardrobe" [our response: that's not possible], "Yes, but I can't attend all rehearsals," "Yes, but I don't have transportation." Still, sign up, and we'll see what we can arrange together!

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Viewing Tips:

Textalk Tilburg |

January 23, 2023 | Schouwburg and Concertzaal Tilburg | 8:30 PM | Tickets

Paul is a guest in a panel discussion during Textalk on digital fashion.

DigitALLks |

February 29, 2023 | Deventer Schouwburg | 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Tickets

Roos is a guest in a panel discussion during DigitALLks on inclusive digital technology and the audience of the future.