Doe mee: Pan~// Catwalk Mixed & Abled

JOIN US #2: Pan~// Catwalk Mixed & Abled

- the first collaboration between Zwermers and Speels Collectief.

Discover that clothing is more than just fabric and threads. During six rehearsals at Landpark Assisië, we unravel together the stories woven into the fibers of your outfits, from your zip-off pants to your glitter dress. In this creative and inclusive process, we are building a brand-new Catwalk performance that explores the diversity of being human and questions and expands the meaning of 'normal'. We draw inspiration from your own wardrobe.

🌟 What can you expect:

An artistic process led by Zwermers and Speels Collectief.

Collaboration in a diverse group, both with and without limitations.

Rehearsals on seven Tuesday evenings starting from March 19. (max. 2 hours).

Performances on May 4 (Zwermen over Assisië) and May 25 + 26, 2024 (Theaterroute NABIJ).

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Do you have the interest, but struggling with one of the following "yes, but" moments: "Yes, but I have a boring wardrobe" [our response: that's not possible], "Yes, but I can't attend all rehearsals," "Yes, but I don't have transportation." Still, sign up, and we'll see what we can arrange together!

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