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Zwermers celebrates the diversity of human expression through performances and installations. Using clothing as a starting point, we explore the tension field between who we want to be and who we become in the eyes of others. Our performances act as a healthy antidote to narrow thinking and restrictive labels. While rooted in Tilburg, Zwermers extends its wings internationally. We appear in museums, shopping centers, and theaters.

Our work

“Pan~// Catwalk managed to provoke thought by the simplest of means.” - The Guardian 2023

Since 2018, Zwermers has been working on the art piece Pan ~// Catwalk, a multimedia Body of Work with various manifestations: performances, video works, and installations. What began with a simple question – 'Who hangs in my wardrobe?' – evolved into a long-term and ongoing artistic investigation into the interplay between clothing and identity.

Every day, we shape ourselves a bit through what we wear. We observe, are observed, and consciously and unconsciously interpret each other's clothing choices. One human  tends to categorize the other, attach labels that adhere to existing categories. But does that truly reflect the world hidden behind the clothing? With our work, we demonstrate how clothing can limit, empower, and connect us; that identity is not a simple, fixed entity but layered and constantly evolving.

Flexibility and openness lie at the core of our approach. We collect, sort, remix, and start anew. Performances are continually reinterpreted across different media or further developed in new locations and with (the clothing of) new target audiences. Think of performances with students from Izmir or a group of seniors in The Hague to hours-long catwalk performances around a fountain in Graz, Austria. Thus, our work forms a living archive of the diversity of human expression.


Inez Wolters

Swarm member from the very beginning, performer, and artistic/business director.



Paul van de Waterlaat

Swarm member from the very beginning, performer, and artistic/business director.



Roos van den Oetelaar

Swarming along as researcher and business support.



Wouter de Belder

Swarming along as composer, musician, and production.



Sander Verbiest

Swarm member from the very beginning, builder and technician.



Tiffany Ramos Silva

Swarming along as marketeer.



Loes Buenen

Swarming along us as dramaturg.


Marike Verbiest

Swarming along as stop motion videomaker.


Jostijn Ligtvoet

Swarming along as photographer.


Antonio Alemanno

Swarming along as musician and performer.


Eva Geia Huisman

Swarming along as performer, workshop facilitator, and education development.


Felice van Leth

Swarming along as a workshop facilitator and education developer.


Herman Hoogstad

Swarming along as a helping hand for quite some time.

Patricia Bolsius

Swarming along as a helping hand for quite some time.

Support us

Running a performance company and keeping it financially healthy is a challenge. We can't do it without our fellow swarmers. With your one-time or annual financial contribution, we can realize new projects, contribute our own share to funds, and create some breathing space for ourselves. Of course, there's something in return: As a fellow swarm member, you're invited to our annual get-together and are at the forefront for enjoyable extras. Are you swarming with us?

Money is relative; ten euros for one person may be worth a hundred or even a thousand euros for another. We appreciate any contribution and make no distinctions.

All fellow swarmers are kept informed of our plans and annually invited to a special Zwermers event. We might also ask you to play a role in the next performance, lend us your muscles, or brainstorm about the future. Naturally, you are under no obligation.

Support Zwermers with your company

Companies can also swarm with us. Your logo will appear on the website, and you will be kept informed, invited to the get-together, and to special Swarmers events. Contact us so we can create a tailor-made activity for you and your staff.

Cultural ANBI status

Swarmers has a Cultural ANBI status. Donations are tax-deductible for 125%, and for companies, it's 150%. Read more about it here.

Start your donation here:

For programmers & organisations

Interested in booking one of our existing performances or exploring a collaboration with us? There are many possibilities, ranging from installations or performances in theaters or on location to co-creation with your community. Check out our portfolio for more information. For inquiries, send an email to info[at]zwermers.nl or get in touch with Ent'ract Agency.


Clothing plays a significant role in the identity formation of young people. Who am I? Which group do I belong to? And how free do I feel to express myself? In workshops and school performances followed by discussions, we challenge young people and young adults in secondary and vocational and higher education to engage with us and explore these themes. For an overview, you can check out our educational guide (‘lesbrief’) below.

Pan~//Catwalk is a key performance in the brochure of CiST, the cultural education bureau in Tilburg, and part of Het Creatieve Lichaam, the education program of MU Hybrid Art House (Eindhoven).

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us through info[at]zwermers.nl.


Zwermers (Foundation)
KVK: 62128469
IBAN: NL93TRIO0198077602
BTW-nummer: 854670932B01
RSIN: 62128469
Subsidizers (structural): Municipality of Tilburg
Zwermers holds ANBI Status.

Behavioral Codes
Zwermers adheres to the Theater and Dance Collective Labor Agreement (cao Toneel en Dans) and endorses and follows the fair practice code and the code diversiteit en inclusie.. The Board of Supervisors subscribes to and follows the Code Cultural Governance.

Inez Wolters &
Paul van de Waterlaat

Members of the Supervisory Board:
Anne-Marie Hartog, voorzitter
Paula Wester, secretaris
Marjo Dirks, penningmeester
Jan van Buul
Eva van Pelt