Pan~// Catwalk (55+)

"The walk through my wardrobe was a walk through my life." - Anita (participant)

'Who hangs in your wardrobe?' we asked fifteen people in the age range of 55-82 at 'Huis van Vervoering' in The Hague. The result: an intimate group portrait showcasing the versatility of these individuals; who they are, who they were, and what inhabiting an aging body means for their freedom of expression.

"What powerful women and what a strong performance. Very original, and it really touched me. Beautiful metamorphosis. I realized that I actually see very few older people on stage, so I found this performance incredibly refreshing." - Audience reaction at CaDance Festival

These are photos from the premiere at Theater De Vaillant in The Hague. The performance also took place at the Cadance Festival from May 18 to 28 in the old American embassy as part of the Reroute route by Korzo Theater and during Zwermen over Assisië on November 25, 2023, at Landpark Assisië in Biezenmortel.