Het laatste Zwermers nieuws

Spring News!

Swarming over borders and settling back on the nest: it's going to be a beautiful spring. With International Women's Day still fresh in our minds, we look forward to performing in beautiful places, such as Museum W, Detmold, and Oerol. We'll also land back on the nest during Swarming over Assisië and Theaterroute NABIJ. Swarm along!

May 4th

Zwermen over Assisië op Landpark Assisië in Biezenmortel

May 12th

Pan~// Catwalk + discussion with the curator at Museum W in Weert

May 18th + 19th

Pan~// Catwalk at Bildstörung Festival Detmold 

May 25th + 26th

Theaterroute NABIJ at Landpark Assisië in Biezenmortel

June 8th + 9th

Pan~// Catwalk @Oerol festival

Zwermen over Assisië

On May 4th, it's that time again: our cultural evening at Landpark Assisië featuring film, music, circus, performance, and: remembrance. 🕊️

Acrobat and Clown Nathan Glaister shares his beautiful physical imperfection with us, while Mariachi Los Tarascos from Antwerp brings us the authentic Mexican culture through music. At 8:00 PM, amidst nature, we pause for silence, and together with Speels Collectief, we challenge the norm with a mixed-abled Catwalk performance. Finally, we'll watch a short film from Pop Up Cinema reflecting on remembrance. Will you swarm along?

To Kalender


Looking back: International Women's Day

WITCH! That was the theme for International Women's Day in Tilburg. A witch is an ancient symbol of condemnation and stigmatization. For instance, Sigrid Kaag had #Hexit plastered on her back by Geert Wilders when she left the cabinet (the witch is exit). But a witch also represents unrestraint and individuality. During International Women's Day, we asked ourselves and all participants to bring different contemporary versions of ourselves as witches. We changed outfits six times, from your unrestrained self to #stigmas you personally deal with. A few examples:

#weird #what are you #exotic #over the top #herb woman #fiery #faggot #redhead

Stigmas must be fought, which is why we ritually burned them in our witches' circle.

Thanks to Theater De Nieuwe Vorst & Feniks Emancipation Center

📸: Margo van de Pas


We are kicking off our new Co-Creation:

Pan~//Catwalk - Mixed & Abled

Clothing is more than just fabric and threads; every day we grow intertwined with what we wear. We look, are looked at, and interpret each other's clothing choices. Because from cargo pants to glittery dresses: clothing is an expression of who we are, want to be, and sometimes must be.

Zwermers and Speels Collectief join forces for the creation of a performance with a mixed-abled group of players (individuals with and without disabilities). The inspiration for this production comes directly from the players' closets. We explore the diversity of human existence, questioning and broadening the meaning of 'normal'. Come see the result at Zwermen over Assisië on May 4th and theaterroute NABIJ on May 25th + 26th.

Thanks to the Municipality of Tilburg and Art-fact for their financial contribution, and Studio Assisië and Stichting Prisma for making this project possible.

Come watch at Zwermen over Assisie
Come watch at Theaterroute NABIJ