Live Performance

Pan~// Catwalk

Do we wear clothing, or are we worn by clothes? What do we communicate with our second skin, and how do we interpret the clothing choices of others? In the performance Pan~//Catwalk, Zwermers plays with the human tendency to label, categorize, and judge. Accompanied by a one-man orchestra, two performers showcase an endless stream of outfits, from a simple white T-shirt to an extravagant glitter dress, and from a worn-out denim jacket to a little black dress. Recognizable combinations give rise to new archetypes and variations, constantly challenging the viewer's expectations. A mesmerizing tribute to the diversity of humanity and the transformative power of clothing.

"The performers reveal great accuracy, switching their look with deadpan skill and synchronicity, making a gentle point about identity while also offering the fun of a fashion show." - The Guardian 2023

Pan~//Catwalk [45min]

This is the most performed piece and is suitable for almost any location, from shopping centers to runways. The performance has been featured at Oerol, Lastrada (AU), Theater op de Markt (BE), Dancing City/Greenwich Docklands (UK), and Deventer op Stelten.

Pan~// Catwalk [90min]

The 90-minute version is suitable for theaters and theater festivals, previously featured at venues including Theaters Tilburg, Grand Theatre Groningen, Kunsten op straat Diepenheim, Ins Blau Leiden, and Theater an der Glocksee in Hannover (DE).

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