Who's in your wardrobe?

Clothing plays a significant role in the identity formation of young people. Who am I? Which group do I belong to? And how free do I feel to express myself? In workshops and school performances with discussions, we challenge young people in secondary and vocational education to engage with us and discuss these themes.

In the workshop "Who hangs in your wardrobe?" we delve into what identity means for the participant and how clothing relates to it. In daily life, we are continually observed and interpreted by others. Playing with the human tendency to label everything and everyone we see, in this fun and active workshop, we both encourage and undermine that urge. What do you need? Nothing other than your dressed self (and an extra outfit). We also organize these workshops in an open format for adults or as an additional activity during regular performances.

Pan~//Catwalk is a key performance in the brochure of CiST, the cultural education bureau in Tilburg, and part of Het Creatieve Lichaam, the education program of MU Hybrid Art House (Eindhoven).

"It's fun, much less confronting than I thought." - Tamzin, Participant Mafwa Theatre Leeds (UK)

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