Zwermen over Assisië


Zwermen over Assisië is the cultural program evening at the fringes of Tilburg. Swarm along through the heritage of Landpark Assisië in Biezenmortel, where we have been living and working since 2021. Experience experimentation and (un)finished work from both ourselves and other creators. Swarming means: always being on the move. On these evenings, we come home. Made possible by Studio Assisië, Municipality of Tilburg, and Care Institution Prisma.

NEXT EDITION: May 4th, 2024

On May 4th, 2024, it's that time again: our cultural evening at Landpark Assisië featuring film, music, circus, performance, and: remembrance. 🕊️ Here's the program:

Circus artist Nathan Glaister

Nathan Glaister (ES), acrobat and clown, exploits the quirks of the body and sees mistakes as creative opportunities. This circus artist takes the audience on a journey full of beautiful imperfection with the bizarre character Bila.


Mariachi Los Tarascos

Mariachi Los Tarascos from Antwerp brings the sound and soul of Mexico to you, with musicians from Mexico, Honduras, and Belgium. Come and experience authentic Mexican culture.


May 4th Remembrance

Amidst the Assisian landscape, we collectively experience a ritual of two minutes of silence.


Pan~// Catwalk mix-abled (try out)

Zwermers and Speels Collectief join forces for a performance with a mix-abled group of players, inspired by the diversity of human existence and the meaning of 'normal'.


Pop-up Cinema

This platform for film and reflection has been bringing films to special places since 2013. This time, they present a short film on the theme of the evening: remembrance.


Naar kalender

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